I use an Eden Traveler head and Eden cabinets. I have various pedals, but I try to keep effects to a minimum. I do like the chorus that my TC Electronics pedal delivers. I use Sleek Audio in-ear monitors and a Sennheiser wireless pack. I've played an original late 70's Spector my entire career. I use it for both gigging and recording. I've been advertised on Spector's artist page in the past, which is nice, but I'd love to get a full endorsement, too. I've tried other basses, but frankly, nothing compares to the low-mid "growl" that the active electronics gets me. This is not bullshit, and anyone who's been in earshot of my live rig knows it's not bullshit.


I cut my teeth on early Rush and I count a handful of their albums as my all-time favorites. A Farewell to Kings, 2112, and Moving Pictures are among those. For easy listening I like Pink Floyd and solo artist Lewis Taylor, the English multi-instrumentalist. As for female artists, I like Esthero. There are more, of course, but space is limited. 

Favorite Dark Matter song:

It's hard to pin-point a favorite because of the diversity between songs, and on top of that, there are new songs we have in the works that haven't been officially recorded yet. On our first album I like Leaf, because it touches on the subject of life and death without evoking the supernatural. On our second album I like Silence is Rage and the title track, Encipher, which is our first but likely not our last instrumental. As for new songs, I like a song called Triangulation. It incorporates 9/8 and 5/4 time signatures and deals with the topic of narcissism.

Other projects:

Crimson Glory, Crush, ELC, G-Lock.