Tama, Axis, Zildjian, Evans, Vic Firth. Sleek Audio in-ear monitors.


Sevendust, Dream Theater, Rush. I took playing drums seriously when I heard Tom Sawyer on the radio for the first time. I bought the Moving Pictures album and this began my life drumming adventure. In the mid 90s the great Gumbi Ortiz taught me the fundamentals in hand drumming. In rock drummers I like Mikkey Dee, Morgan Rose, Mike Portnoy, and Mike Mangini, and then of course, Neil Peart. Mike Mangini's performances on his first two Dream Theater albums also shaped the drummer I've become today.

Favorite Dark Matter song:

Kaordic World. From the tribal drums in the intro and breakdown, to the time change in the lead section, and then all the nuances between Jeff and I, this one stands out, especially live.

Other projects:

Robby Steinhardt (Kansas), Lifescool, and G-Lock. I also did a stint with Jeff in Crimson Glory, covering drums, percussion, and even vocals on a few songs.